Changes resulting from the update.

New features

The following features are available with the new server version 2.2:

  • eNet SMART HOME app compatible with Android and iOS tablets (portrait and landscape format)
  • Manual connection of the eNet SMART HOME app to the eNet server in the local network is possible by entering the local IP code
  • The signal quality measurement can be started directly after adding and configuring devices. It is no longer necessary to establish a device connection.

Bug fixes and improvements in version 2.2

  • Privacy Policy & Terms of Use comply
    • comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • eNet SMART HOME app
    • Improved status communication between the eNet server and the eNet SMART HOME app
    • Optimised connection management in the eNet SMART HOME app
    • Adjustment of terminology when using tado°. “tado° zones” are now called “spaces”.
    • Optimisation of the detail page for the tado° heating control with regard to command execution and status/value update
    • Correction of missing translations in the dialogues of the “if-then” rules
    • Error correction in connection with changing the tado° mode and accepting the set tado° abort condition in the eNet SMART HOME app for iOS
    • App users without configuration authorisation receive a warning message when logging in, if version 2.2 is not installed on the eNet server
    • After a long press on the "+" or "-" symbol of the blind controller, the blind status is updated again and the position of the blind is displayed in the iOS App.
    • Improved the dimming value input via the detailed view of the dimming channels in the iOS App
    • Correction of the slider position in the detailed view of the dimming channels in the iOS app with the minimum brightness set
    • When logging into the eNet SMART HOME app for the first time, all scenes stored in the eNet server are now displayed
  • eNet SMART HOME connect / eNet SMART HOME server
    • When the eNet SMART HOME server is started for the first time, a new admin password is requested for improved system security (at least 8 characters required)
    • Location information of the function channels (installation location, device range, target location and effective range) are no longer stored in the devices themselves
    • The target location is automatically adjusted when devices are moved to another room
    • Adjustment of the version number display of the eNet SMART HOME server software version
    • Device search now also possible using the article number of the device
    • The signal quality measurement can also be started without an existing device connection after setup and configuration of a device
    • The connection measurement between all networked devices (for documentation in the project report) now also includes the eNet server
    • Optimisation of the mouse-over displays in the device tiles, which now close after some time if the mouse pointer does not move and the device status thus becomes visible again 
    • Additional query of the eNet SMART HOME server after blind movement commands of the eNet radio control button added
    • Stability of eNet server improved for a large number of UPnP requests
  • Stability of the eNet SMART HOME remote service improved
    • Connection management regarding IP number change in local network improved
    • Connection management regarding the stability of the connection between the eNet server and eNet SMART HOME app improved by means of mobile data

Which new devices are supported?

  • JUNG eNet motion detector
  • JUNG eNet radio centre plates for JUNG LB Management flush-mounted inserts
  • Gira eNet radio centre plate Memory for Gira System 3000 flush-mounted inserts

Prerequisites for the update on the eNet server version 2.2

Prerequisite to conduct the server update 2.2 is an eNet server with the firmware version 2.1. In addition, please install the new eNet SMART HOME app V2.2 from the Android or iOS store.