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eNet SMART HOME Server Update 2.1

What are the newly implemented features of the eNet SMART HOME Update 2.1?

Our tutorial video demonstrates the installation and execution in 5 steps – without sparing any details!

eNet SMART HOME connect

How do I commission an eNet SMART HOME system?

Our tutorials will guide you through the eNet SMART HOME connect commissioning interface in nine simple steps. Learn how to create a new project, add and configure devices and create connections.



What are the features of the eNet SMART HOME app?

In addition to an overview of the features of our app, you will see how to control devices individually and collectively, such as scenes, timers, and if-then rules, and how to enable remote access.

Updating the eNet Server to version 2.0

How do I update an existing eNet system to eNet SMART HOME?

Our tutorial shows you how to upgrade an eNet Server to version 2.0, eNet SMART HOME, in five simple steps.



Updating the eNet devices to version 2.0

How are eNet devices updated?

As soon as version 2.0 has been installed on an eNet server, further eNet devices from the project can be updated to eNet SMART HOME. This tutorial guides you through the process of updating your eNet devices to version 2.0 (eNet SMART HOME).