Update from eNet SMART HOME V2.1

Changes resulting from the update


New functions

The following functions are now available with the new server version 2.1:

  • Full integration of the tado° smart heating system into eNet SMART HOME.
  • Rules and scenes extended in the app by inclusion of target temperature and tado° operating mode so that you can now define the target temperature and/or the tado° operating mode in rules and scenes.
  • Use of tado°geofencing as If-condition in If-Then rules in the app, allowing you to perform automatic actions such as “All lights off if my family is not at home”, depending on your location.
  • Convenient search function in eNet SMART HOME connect lets you use a search term to find devices and channels quickly.
  • Diagnosis of wireless telegrams including external telegrams in eNet SMART HOME connect makes it easy for you to show or hide external telegrams in the diagnosis overview.

Error corrections and improvements in version 2.1

  • Optimised project import into eNet SMART HOME connect:
    • If the active project is encrypted, only an encrypted project can be imported. The network keys must be identical. If in the meantime the network key for the active project has been changed and the project has not been archived with the new network key, a project import is not possible. After that, project import is only possible after the existing project has been deleted.
    • An encrypted project can be viewed by importing it without entering a password via the “Analyse project” button. Activation and editing of the project, however, is not possible. The password is requested each time the commissioning interface is logged into, until it is entered once to activate the project.
  • Automatic concealment of WLAN password (key) in the input mask in eNet SMART HOME connect:
    • If the “Show key” box is checked, the WLAN network key is only displayed when the key is changed. When moving between tabs in the configuration, the new key is not saved. The new key is saved only when the configuration is exited or by clicking the “Apply” button.
  • Stabilisation and error rectification of time switch function (summertime/wintertime):
    • A number of errors occurred following the switch from wintertime to summertime. These included, for example, configured switching commands were not carried out by timers. In addition, incorrect switching times (next switching time) were displayed when the Astro function in timers was used. These errors have been rectified in version 2.1.
  • Improved remote re-connection after faults:
    • Errors were reported in which the remote connection did not function after the eNet server was re-started. These errors have been rectified in version 2.1.

Which devices are no longer supported?

As of Version 2.1, the following devices will no longer be supported in eNet SMART HOME and will be deleted from the project in the conversion:

  • eNet wireless hand-held transmitter Multi and/or eNet radio hand-held transmitter with display, 24-gang
  • eNet mobile gate and/or eNet radio IP gateway

Prerequisites for updating to eNet server version 2.1

The prerequisite for carrying out the server update is that an eNet server has firmware version 2.0 or 2.0.1 installed. Please also install the eNet SMART HOME app V2.1 from the Android or iOS store.