Update from eNet SMART HOME V1.4 to V2.0

eNet becomes eNet SMART HOME.


Which devices are no longer supported?

As of Version 2.0, the following devices will no longer be supported in eNet SMART HOME and will be deleted or likely deleted from the project in the conversion:

  • eNet radio converter in SCHUKO housing and/or eNet wireless converter intermediate plug and all other connected wireless bus systems and/or radio management actuators and sensors.
  • The devices eNet wireless hand-held transmitter Multi and/or eNet radio hand-held transmitter with display, 24-gang and eNet mobile gate and/or eNet radio IP gateway.
  • The eNet diagnostic device can only be used in eNet SMART HOME projects which do not use encrypted communication.

Use of the eNet diagnostic device in eNet SMART HOME projects is not recommended and is only possible if encrypted communication is deactivated. For the purpose of diagnostics or activation of the repeater function, corresponding functions are provided in the commissioning interface eNet SMART HOME connect.

Which functions are no longer supported?

  • At present in Version 2.0 it is not possible to integrate an IP camera in the eNet SMART HOME app.
  • The presence simulation is deleted from the project as a result of the conversion. In Version 2.0 it is possible to simulate presence by means of schedules, if-then rules and remote access.
  • Recorded measured values of the energy sensors and graphical representations are deleted from the project as a result of the conversion. At present in Version 2.0 no graphical visualization of measured energy values is available. Accumulated measured values as well as the current measured value are visualized in the new eNet SMART HOME app.
  • Unfortunately, with the update, continued use of the previously used eNet remote access is not possible. For the new remote access eNet SMART HOME remote, reinstallation and registration on my.enet-smarthome.com is necessary.

Other changes.

  • Only the active project and the device connections it contains are retained after the conversion to Version 2.0. All other non-active projects are deleted as a result of the eNet server update.
  • An existing building structure with several buildings is consolidated in a room structure. Existing rooms, floors, devices assigned to rooms and connections are adopted in the new structure.
  • All scenes, timers and logic functions are deleted from the active project. New functions such as automatically created centralized functions, SMART HOME scenes, timers and if-then rules are subsequently available in the eNet SMART HOME app; these can be created new quickly and flexibly.
  • It is not possible to adopt a series of comfort functions, scenes and favourites from existing visualizations (web browsers, wall panels).

The update from eNet to eNet SMART HOME brings a lot of changes.

Not every device and function will be supported by the new system. You will find all changes resulting from the update, as well as instructions for updating the server and the devices in the following PDF-files:

Changes resulting from the update
to version 2.0 (eNet SMART HOME)


Instructions for updating the eNet server
to version 2.0 (eNet SMART HOME)


Instructions for updating the devices
to version 2.0 (eNet SMART HOME)



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